Do I need to be in Calgary to win?

No, definitely not! No matter what city we run our cup in, you can enter from ANYWHERE in Canada. We would love it if you were there in person to receive everyone's standing ovation for your quad fire, but... we realize that isn't always possible.

Prizes can be shipped for the most part (there are some that can not legally be shipped), but we will work with everyone to find alternative solutions if you can't make it. Shipping costs, however, are not included. You would be responsible for basic shipping costs. This typically does not exceed $40 and trust me, it is worth it!

When are the deadlines to enter the CUP?

Registration Deadline is Sept. 12th.

Once registered, all samples must be sent in to Keystone Labs (in Edmonton, AB.) and arrive NO LATER than Sept. 16th.  You will be sent a detailed email with shipping instructions, etc. once your registration has been processed.

Do I need to send proof of ID?

Yes, but only if you are a finalist.  Your ID can be shown in a lot of ways, including a simple Skype/Zoom meeting where you simply show it to us.  We don't want to have your private information in our email/storage anymore than you want us to have it. If you submit your proof of identification through any digital form, we assure it will be destroyed after validation.  Any digital meeting technology used will not be recorded. We will simply verify the ID and let you on your way.  We simply need to ensure you are of legal age, and aren't Benjamin Button.

How much cannabis flower do I need to send in?

For judge testing, as well as lab testing, we require 10 grams.

Our testing is detailed. This is not a basic test, so there are some requirements that we HAVE to meet.

What is the cannabis Sommelier rating system?

We have partnered with "The Cannabis Sommelier" on Youtube, Andrew Freedman. Andrew was the first certified "Cannabis Sommelier" in Canada.

The rating system has been slightly modified because we are adding in this rating system with our lab results provided by Keystone Labs.

How is the CUP scored?

How will each submission be scored / judged?

Our scoring system will be based on a combination of The Cannabis Sommelier's grading system, lab testing and the individual assessment from our panel of judges. For a more in depth breakdown, please see below:

200 Points Total: (For Flower) Cannabis Sommelier scoring system (50% – 100 points total):

  • Visual Appearance (20 points) – trim, quality of bud, colouration

  • Smell (40 points) – pungent/pleasant vs. off aromas, deep complexity vs simply/aged/old

  • Taste and Burn (20 points) – flavour, cleanliness of burn, ash colour/makeup

  • Finish (20 points) – taste & texture of smoke

Lab Test (30% – 60 points total):

  • TBA

Judges Opinions (20% – 40 points total):

  • Positive Effects (25 points) – euphoria, happiness, energetic, etc

  • Lack of Negative Effects (15 points) – paranoia, anxiety, nausea, dizziness

NOTE: Some changes are expected. Prior to us charging any entry fees, we will have this locked in. Any changes after that will be notified via email, in detail. 

Can I attend the CUP Awards as a guest?

Yes, of course - WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN US!  The Hempfest CUP Awards night will be held on the final day of Hempfest Calgary Expo - October 12th (7pm-9pm) at the Big Four Building, Calgary Stampede Grounds. 

Featuring local comedian, Pete Zedlacher, as our entertainment & Chris Foord (former host of The Cannabis Show) & The Cannabis Sommelier, Andrew Freedman, as our 'Hemp-Cees' for the night.  There will also be an Iron Chef style 'Cooking with Cannabis' demonstration with Chef Cody Lindsay (The Wellness Soldier) and our guest judges.  Most Hempfest Vendors will also remain open for evening browsing, education & shopping.



Ideal for Industry Access + the General Public!

Tickets for sale at

Does a separate ticket need to be purchased for entry to the Hempfest Expo & Hempfest Cup?

There are 2 options.  You can either purchase a stand-alone ticket to the Hempfest Cup Awards night ONLY, or a combined Weekend Pass for  Hempfest Calgary Expo & the Hempfest Cup.

Visit the following link to purchase your EARLY BIRD TICKETS:

Please note that you must be of legal age (18+) to attend this event. Government issued IDs will be checked at entry. No children permitted.